Why User Generated Content.

Let's see some of the most important benefits of user-generated content.


75% of users believe user-generated content to be more honest and valuable


When users generate content to your brand, it builds a stronger sense of connection with your business


50% of consumers find user-generated content more memorable than brand produced content

4 major issues around User Generated Content.

It is not that simple for the brand to get user generated content on existing social media.

Legal issues

The content gathered from people on social media is not licensed to be used by brands for communication purposes

Time consuming process

It requires time and personnel to filter user-generated content on social media


Most of the time the process results in people chatting between each other or simply spamming

Irrelevant content

On social media people are used to talking about irrelevant subjects and creating noise under posts

No more issues around User Generated Content.

With Pericles we address the 4 major issues around user generated content mentioned above.

No legal issues

We invite people to write in Pericles where we ensure that you have the right to use the content for communication purposes

Save time

The voting system implemented in Pericles, filters the content for you

No spam

We allow users to write only once on your campaign in order to avoid spam

Relevant content

Users vote for the content that is more relevant to them

From User Generated Content to amazing
marketable content.

At Gaming Brotherhood we offer a complete solution for your content marketing.

We take the user generated content, from Pericles application, and transform it into amazing marketable content.

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