Aleo solar


ALEO is a very well known company in the B2B solar power industry that operates worldwide and now wants to open up to the residential market. The Germany-based company ensures top quality solar panels with large duration and aspires to become one of the leaders in the B2C markets of their industry.

Green energy is a passion point for Aleo's consumers, who over-index as green energy sensitive. And in green energy, solar power, is the leader in the residential market. Furthermore, the majority of the market consists of homeowners with a family and ranging from the age of 34 to the age of 55.


Raise brand awareness, relevance, and loyalty within a specific market.
Just getting the attention of our millennial family consumer was going to be a challenge since it was the first time that the company reached out to such an audience.


Gaming Brotherhood was entrusted with the task to engage the audience described above and tap into the new market for Aleo. Furthermore, Gaming Brotherhood made sure to engage people in a meaningful way in order to create a bond between consumers and Aleo but also provide user-generated content for the brand. And for all these to be meaningful Gaming Brotherhood created content around the campaign to re-engage people and make a stronger impression on the audience.


It was amazing to see how great the people's response was to the campaign. Especially in the solar panel market, that is a really challenging sector to build brand awareness. Aleo managed to make a strong start in the war for Brand awareness.

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Yann Usseglio

Marketing Director at Aleo solar