We all know the importance of the Brand name, nevertheless nobody can define with accuracy what exactly means, how is perceived by different people and what it entails.

If you ask a designer, his answer will be that branding is your logo and the continuity in aesthetics in everything that you produce. If you ask a marketeer his/her answer will be that branding is the degree of brand awareness, meaning that your company (name, logo etc) is immediately recognized, trusted and preferred by your consumer.

The Brand name of a company though it is not just the above. The above are pieces of the puzzle. The Brand name is much more.

The Brand name is the narrative of your company/organization

You may ask me, but what do you mean by narrative. Do not be puzzled; it is not the why and how your company was created.

The narrative of your company is the way you address your audience, the feelings you are trying to convey in order to create a bond with it, resulting in the differentiation in their subconscious by others.

Narrative is the story you “narrate” every time you communicate your company. It is the essence that will give value to your brand and will make your customers choose you or even “defend” you.

In order to understand the power of your business narrative think that even us humans, only through narratives we forge connections. When we meet for the first time someone, the only way to get to know them is to exchange our stories, thus us personal narratives.

Why not then implement it to your company?

The big brands are already doing this with bright examples such as Coca Cola and Apple. Especially Coca cola is by far one of the most successful brand name in the international market.

As a local example lets take Alfa that really excited me with their last commercial and may congratulations are due to the people behind the idea,

The video describes the story of a father that wants to dance to his daughter wedding,. For that reason he secretly starts dance lessons and in the end his duzzles everybody with his skills.

The idea is very simple but with great power since we all can identify with one of the characters inside the story. Some of us are fathers that have married our children, some us will be parents someday and some of us can identify with the role of the child getting married

Indeed every time i see the Alfa brand i definitely remember this emotion that this advertisement gave me, since it moved deeply (i am guessing the same did for a lot of people)

So how did Alfa managed to give its audience powefull feelings? All of their content (content marketing) is directed in narrating stories that provoke emotion; through teir videos, through their articles, even through the photos they share, we can detect this strategy.

Great! Easier said than done though.

It is true that is not so easy to find your company’s narrative, for that reason most companies turn to classical marketing that revolves around their company.

Dedicating time and effort though in order to discover your company’s narrative you can achieve a very important advantage in comparison to your competition. You will have found that thing that differentiates you from the others. Just like you, like me, like most we prefer coca cola since we feel is a part of our experiences.


whats your story

How can I find my narrative?

Fair enough! Very few companies had from their begining thought of their narrative so your question is understandable.

There are two answers to your questions.

The first answer is to hire creative individulas that are in the marketing fieldin order to identify and develop yout narrative. This solution is practised by the majority of big companies and this is what comes easiest to mind.

The second and more favoured solution here in Gaming Brotherhood is to contact directly your audience and create and develop together your narrative.

This is exactly what Lacta did. They asked from their audience/customers to share with them stories of their first kiss. Gathering those stories lacta had an original and diverse pool of content that they used for their advantage.

The result was amazing and catapulted the specific brand to new heights winning over many more people. This was so successful that lacta now creates small feature films based in the same narrative.


Your narrative as you can see is a catalytic point of your business and if you do not have  it already begin to create today. Many businesses can have brand awareness or even be successful without it but in order to become timeless you must find and follow your narrative.

That's because when something awakens our feelings, we tend to remember it and cherish it more and that is something you definitely want for your brand.

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  1. Aaron VickSeptember 4, 2020

    such a wonderful post to read, thank you for sharing experience and ideas and useful information regarding the brand narrative. keep it up


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