Today more than ever, creating trustworthy and long-lasting relationships with customers is one of the most crucial and difficult issues that marketers are called upon to solve. To these questions answers maybe found though Content Marketing.

Social media and the rapid evolution of the internet has enabled consumers to be informed, openly discuss their opinions, express themselves, thank or complain about the products and services each company offers. This could be a somewhat intimidating since the companies can no longer control the perception of their product/service that in many cases could lead to defamation and even graduate decline in sales.

Its time to think content!

Content marketing can lead the way to creating strong incentives for both professionals and consumers to revise their two-way relationship and to positively influence each other.

This type of marketing is not new though term started to spread since 2010 and many companies around the world have been successfully implementing it. In Greece, the practice of content marketing is going through its first steps with, of course, prominent companies recognizing its importance, exploring good practices and enjoying the first successful results of its implementation.

In reality, however, how does content marketing work and what its benefits?

  1. The mere quantity of advertisement can overwhelm the consumers and now it has become the number one reason that they hardly click advertising banners. Content marketing, therefore, is a cheap way to attract new customers who will actively participate in promoting the product/service in a holistic way.
  2. Attractive content that the user's participation is optional leaves the free choice to the user to click, share and "diffuse" your content, and indirectly your services.
  3. Creating trust relationships is perhaps the most valuable asset in content marketing, since it forges customer confidence in the company and its products and multiplies sales.
  4. Content marketing is a friend of search engines. This means that creating quality and original content helps your page climb up through the searches. If we also take into account the sharing through social media, then the page visits will most likely increase immediately.
content marketing vs tradition marketing

According to Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute and author, three of the most powerful examples of content marketing are Kraft Food's Food & Family Magazine, Lego Club Magazine from Lego, and Think Money Magazine from TD Ameritrade.

Discover them!

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