Cookies Policy

  • Introduction

The website uses cookies to facilitate the users’ needs, enhance the functionality of the website and improve the overall user experience.

You may choose which of the cookies you wish to use while browsing the website based on your needs. We invite you to invest some time to learn more about it, in order to feel totally secure and safe while browsing our website.

  • How the cookies function in general

The cookies are small pieces of code produced by the webpages and saved in your Internet browser. They collect and retain specific information based on their kind and intended purpose, similarly to a preferences’ file created by a software application, allowing websites to function flawlessly without technical issues.

A wide variety of data, including user’s choices and preferences, may be collected through cookies. Cookies allow websites to recognize the regular users, making access to and browsing of the websites easier, while they may also collect data to allow websites enhance their content.

From a functionality point of view, cookies allow websites to collect and retain data regarding the interaction of each user with the website, so as the websites will not consider them each time as new users, remembering their preferences to make the access to the website easier and faster ( -OR- enhancing the access to the website)

Broadly, the most common and important cookies are the following:

  • Essential cookies, allowing the execution of basic functions, without which the seamless functionality of the website is compromised, affecting the browsing experience of the user,
  • Functionality cookies, which remember the choices and preferences of the users during the browsing period,
  • Performance cookies, which collect data regarding the way users interact with a website, without collecting information that may identify a visitor, to enhance the operation of a website,
  • Analytics cookies, a subset of the functionality cookies, that allow the assessment of the performance of different functions of a website.

Moreover, cookies may be also divided to session cookies and persistent cookies, first- party cookies and third-party cookies.

  • Session cookies are temporary files, which are deleted when the users close their browser. When the user closes or restarts the browser the website no longer recognizes the user and creates a new session cookie that collects, and stores browsing data and remains active until the user leaves the website and/or closes or restarts the browser.
  • The persistent cookies remain in one of the subfolders of the browser, until they are manually or automatically deleted, based on the expiration date of the persistent cookie file.
  • The first party cookies are originated or sent by the website the user is currently visiting and are used for the collection and storage of information regarding the preferences of the user while visiting this particular website.
  • The third-party cookies are originated or sent by a different website that the one the user is currently visiting, for advertising or marketing purposes.

You can read more about cookies here

  • The cookies we are using

Our website is based on WordPress and follows regarding cookies the requirements of WordPress regarding the essential and functional cookies, without which it would not be possible for the website to be functional.

You may freely choose which cookies you want to have browsing the website. The only cookies you cannot opt out from are the essential cookies, which are absolutely necessary and intended solely for the seamless operation of the website and are not used for any tracing or marketing purposes.

More specifically:

Essential Cookies:  We are using essential cookies that are temporarily stored in your computer’s memory. They do not access or otherwise collect/store any kind of document or file stored in your computer and are solely intended to enable the seamless functionality of the website while enhancing your access. They collect exclusively information regarding your interaction with our website and are deleted soon as you close your browser. They do not store any data you may type while browsing or otherwise interacting with the site.

These are the only Cookies you cannot opt out from. The rest is up to your choice

Google Analytics with anonymized IP: Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google utilizes the Data collected to track and examine the use of this Application, to prepare reports on its activities and share them with other Google services.

Google may use the Data collected to contextualize and personalize the ads of its own advertising network.

This integration of Google Analytics anonymizes your IP address. It works by shortening Users’ IP addresses within member states of the European Union or in other contracting states to the Agreement on the European Economic Area. Only in exceptional cases will the complete IP address be sent to a Google server and shortened within the US.

Personal Data collected: Cookies and Usage Data.

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