It came recently to my attention a surprising story about a Wireless activity meter, named Fitbit. This story, that is described below can be a great example of the value of user generated content. So let us start at the beginning:

What is FitBit?

Fitbit is a wireless activity meter. This practically means that by using it you can record how much you walked in a day, how many calories you burned, your heartbeats and various other measurements that motivate you to stay active and fit.

The story unfolds

Our story, as many great stories do, begins with a couple; a couple that decided to become more active in their daily lives, so they started using Fitbit. Suffice to say that they got more than they bargained for. After the woman began using the bracelet - meter, she noticed many and strange variations in her data. So what would anyone do, faced with weird questions that need an answer? Well, visit Reddit of course! So the couple discussed the abnormal measurements with the Reddit Fitbit community, waiting to confirm their suspicions; that the product was defective. Well, let’s just say that the product was everything but defective since the strange measurements were a sign of pregnancy. Surely this is a story to tell your grandkids about how you learned you were pregnant with their mother/father.

Fitbit and User Generated Content

User generated content and content marketing. The pieces come together.

You may wonder what this story has to do with content marketing. A great deal a lot. This example demonstrates how user generated content can be gold. This story, in addition to having been broadcasted and reposted by multiple sites, creating buzz for Fitbit and raising awareness, it can also be used to bring new life to the product. It can be an incredible ad about how accurate the Fitbit measurements are, in our case detecting a pregnancy before even the couple had time to suspect it. Further product development can be done to find a way to create a new feature for the product.

All this information, which is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the company, would have been lost if there was no room to write the story and then share it with others. Also, the fact that the fitbit community in Reddit was active is one of the reasons the couple decided to address their concerns there.

What conclusion can we derive from this story about user generated content?

The use of user generated content is valuable and we, if we are interested in our product/service, must always have our ears and eyes open to sense the pulse of our audience. On top of that we must actively try to give them the right vehicles to express themselves, and by doing we go from having a small marketing team, to exponentially bigger.

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