Our process


Strategic design

All this info will help us in designing and optimizing the role of Gaming Brotherhood on the campaign.



Understand your overall business

It is important for us to have a good understanding of your business to understand consumer dynamics, the overall competitive context and know your Brand.

Understand your business objectives

Knowing your business objectives help us have a better understanding on your needs and targets and how you are trying to grow revenue.

Campaign objectives

Following all these we get into the campaign objectives and what you are trying to achieve with the specific communication/activation.



With a well-planned strategy comes a beautiful execution. This is where all the creative magic happens.



Launch with Pericles

Following your overall design we align the imaging, phrasing and all the details needed for the campaign to have the best outcome

Content creation

Our team takes user-generated content and transform it into amazing pieces of content.

Measure impact

We measure impact to help you understand what was the results of the campaign and also be able to improve on future campaigns.


Want to see the results?

We combine the authenticity of user-generated content with our skills to create the best results your Brand ever had.