Did you sleep well?

Did you eat a good breakfast?

Have you had your coffee yet?

Do not worry, because even if you have not finished your morning routine, a very nice article follows, about the power of the promise, that will surely help you be alert and think a little harder.

Off we go then!

One of our partners showed me an Apple ad where the well-known cookie monster, from the Muppet show, cooks biscuits! Have a look at the video bellow; after all is only a minute long.

As you must be thinking also now; very nice video indeed. Very well filmed, playful and very enjoyable and clear evident that it is a big production.


 We do not buy features, we buy promises


What else is new, you might think. Well, there is a hidden power in this video, not evident on the first glance.

This is the power of the promise

If you see the video and pay attention to it as a whole, you will realize what Apple, so elaborately, is trying to do.

What is that? Apple is giving you the promise that your life will be easier, even when it comes to cooking. In the video, Apple does not explore all of the features and possibilities of Siri. But they promise you that even when you cook on your own you will not be alone, you can have the iPhone as an assistant, or even as “companion”.

Why is this important?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that we do not buy features (nope we don’t), we buy promises.

Every day new products are brought to life that does something faster or better, than its predecessors. Do you want to share something, buy, sell, store, photograph, hear or see? Surely there is an app or product with the appropriate features that can help you do all that.

People do not really care to make or do, they are interested in being

They are interested in being less busy, more productive, less lonely, more connected, less frightened, and more secure.

It does not matter to tell the world what they can do with your product. What matters is to give them a promise you can keep.

Is the power of the promise the most powerful selling tool?

My answer is yes.

Sales, if we are being cynical, are simply a money transaction that moves ownership of the product from the seller to the buyer.

But is it just that? You will instinctively think no! Because you realize that you would never buy something unless it inspired you confidence that it will fulfil its promises.

And you would be absolutely right because, in fact, we are buying promises and assurances that each product keeps its promise.

Making the promise is not enough! You have to keep it also.

"It will be ready by Friday"
"You will have it by 16:00"
"I will contact you tomorrow"

How many times have you been promised something like this lately, only to be broken later?

The ability to make promises and then make them a reality is the biggest competitive advantage you can have as a company.

You are thinking, that yes, of course, it makes sense, since you build your credibility as a brand and creating trust with your customers.

And it's not just that. Doing what you say is the shortest way for your customers to recognize your trustworthiness, build trust and receive devotion.

Do it like Apple!

Having seen the power of the promise, you should also now start talking to your audience about the things they can "become" with your product and not about the things they can "do".

If you think about it, you did not buy that bike just for the sake of it; you did not buy that bike, just to ride it. You bought that bike to be fit, or more hip, or more playful.

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