Product differentiation

The first question that every entrepreneur who starts to create something new or a businessman who is already sells an existing product, electronic, physical or even a service, is about product differentiation and goes like this:

That sounds to me like this or that product, what else do you do?


The initial reaction of the majority would be to begin explaining the different features of the product/service, or to focus on differences in cost, quality or time saving properties.


In case though your differences with competitors are more subtle in the eyes of the world, your only solution is to turn to content marketing to manage to create your own market share.

But how does product differentiation through content works?

Yes we know, and you know and everybody knows that content is king and other such nice meaningless words.

facepalm loki

Do not misunderstand me, content is very important, but not any content. As we mentioned above, talking about your features or how good and awesome your product is, does not differentiate you. That's what everyone does.


Think about Coca Cola talking about how good it tastes and how nice it is. Hmm ...not very convinced are you? So what does Coca Cola does instead? It connects its Brand with our everyday life. We already know which objection comes next; Sure, but Coca Cola is a drink, it can do that easily, I have to do with technology products/services that do not possess this kind of “sexiness”


Apple disagrees though. You will hardly see Apple talking about the features of its devices. What does it do? It also connects its devices with our everyday life and the quality of the life, just as Coca – Cola does, only the narrative changes.


Product differentiation has its core in content marketing thus it should not aim to describe features of the product/service but to create a bond with the world and to "educate" it on how to use it, why using it will make your life better, cooler and what its use says about the end user.

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