The Team

A photo of Iakovos Zournatzis

Iakovos Zournatzis

Over 7 years of experience with Web Developing, with a broad knowledge of javascript, PHP and SQL and a passionate coder of Angularjs.
A photo of Vasilis Kougkoulos

Vasilis Kougkoulos

Over 7 years of experience with UX/UI Designing hand to hand with Web Development. He is a mockup Jedi and a Knight of CSS and HTML coding. At nights he wanders fighting villains in your city! (Batman? Is that you?)
A photo of Thanasis Sakkas

Thanasis Sakkas

Sales Manager
Over 11 years of experience with sales. If we should describe him in a sentence we would say... If you met him he already sold you something and you don't even know it!
A photo of Dionisis Kavvadias

Dionisis Kavvadias

Web Developer
A very talented and skilled member of the Brotherhood. Dionisis keeps WOWing us with his fast learning about the way we work with our team and makes us feel like he is with us for a long time already!
A photo of Nikos Mpalodimos

Nikos Mpalodimos

Video Production
Over 10 years of experience with Video production with amazing skillset. It is rumored that he can put everything in motion, even the most static images... even a mountain. We are still trying to figure out his limits!